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V.P.L comments.   Feel free to leave your opinion on panty lines good or bad.


pantyline comments:A VPL is very sexy, and appealing. Don't be ashamed, If you don't want a panty line wear pantyhose. VPL's adds to the excitement.


pantyline comments: i first fell in love wit pantylines back in high school to tell u the truth, and i think this is a great web site, just wish it was free, lil.




 pantyline comments: i love pantylines!





pantyline comments: love them it's the thing to start my day.



pantyline comments:  i love pantylines very much...i have 250 pantyline pics and 30 pantyline-videos



pantyline comments:  Sorry, but panty lines are awful. I don't find them attractive at all; either on myself or other women. Either wear a thong or go commando.


pantyline comments:  I am not a big fan of pantylines. And there's nothing more unattractive than a lady picking a wedgie out of her arse!



pantyline comments:  I can deal with a woman's panty line a lot easier than I can, seeing her dress or a piece of toilet paper being tucked into them!


pantyline comments: VPL don't bother me at all. Grew up before there were thongs, it was an every day thing, seeing a cute girl's butt, pantylines were just, well, the frame to the picture.


pantyline comments:  yea right most guys will say that panty lines are sexy as hell..that is if they are not granny panties ...I drool over panty lines ...just depends who you are dressing for ...i see the advantage of no panty lines when wearing slacks in the office ..dont want the guys tripping over their tongues ....the only time going commando is sexy is when you wear a skirt gals dont think cameltoe is sexy ha get real ...seeing the outline of a womans vagina through her pants ...will make me want to see more every time...hell I had rather see a woman in tight slacks with the lines of bikini panties showing through than see the same woman in her birthday suit



pantyline comments: I love seeing pantylines - I look constantly for them. I'm a butt-man and love trying to figure our what a woman is wearing. Its all about seeing.knowing something that is supposed to be secret, so its a little extra thrill.


pantyline comments: Pantylines and tight white pants or tight shorts 

To me there is nothing sexier than seeing a woman's panty lines through her clothes. To catch a glimpse of the distinct crotch panel across her butt  




pantyline comments:   


visible pantyline comments: dam i love pantylines



visible pantyline comments: the best site!! i like it



visible pantyline comments: cool



visible pantyline comments: I like that Ass!

I know I smile a wide grin when you can see the pattern of a woman's panties under her tight white pants. I've been to many places and seen several women and men look admiringly at a cute female tush in snug pants with definite pantylines


Women trust me most men appreciate it, stop hiding the pantylines!!!!



visible pantyline comments: love mature woman in lycra sports


pantyline comments: i truly love pantylines and i love the idea of the type of service that you guys are providing. however, i always deal in cash and don't have a credit card. how can i arrange to send you guys some bucks so that i can become a member. is that possible or am i out of luck. pls lemme know. thanks for your time. 


Trying to hide from panty lines with a Thong is a joke. Your panty line might be missing but it more obvious what you are wearing!! The Thong allows your trousers to ride up your crack to a point that is not the least bit attractive. And when it rides up above your trousers, well its crude, whats sexy about that? If you want to show off your crack do it with sexy panties, not with a rope up your crack.